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Welcome to Scotland's Premier Therapy and Holistic Personal Development Site

Our Philosophy of practice

We do not believe that the majority of our clients want a cold, sterile, medical style service. Experience since our first launch in 1993 has shown that most clients want a flexible, holistic and professional model. Indeed many clients have already been to a medical doctor or community mental health and have found the approach wrong for them. We use holistic and varied methods, with a healthy dash of humour where appropriate!

We believe in combining a wide range of philosophies and models of therapy into a flexible and holistic service that puts the individual needs of the client first. The service is solution focused in that the needs of the individual are assessed and identified first, and then a course of action is designed to match those needs. Models of therapy are then chosen that match the desired outcomes and needs.

We do not consider our clients to be "ill" or "sick" or needing "fixing". We do not "treat" our clients or expect to be considered an "expert" and font of all knowledge.  We likewise avoid excessive use of terms like neurosis and psychosis or pathology, since these all imply something being "wrong" with the client. Our work is influenced greatly by systems like Japanese Morita, which believes not in "treating" or attempting to "cure" symptoms, but rather to change the way we relate to such things, while optimising our lives. Thus a person with depression will still have the "illness", but may not notice it since attention will not be focused on it. Thus the person may "have depression", without "feeling depressed".

We work holistically with the client to move forward, develop, manage problems and overcome issues. Our work is cooperative, and an equal partnership where the only difference is the knowledge and experience of the therapist. This knowledge and experience is a resource to be used in the conversations between therapist and client in order to enable progress. We aim to enable the client to overcome their problems and to become empowered. Sometimes this involves personal training in areas like anger management where specific skills can be learned.

We do not accept the traditional western reductionist model of mind and body being completely separate. We instead tend to use a more eastern model which recognises the complex links between mind, body, spirit and the world around us. Lifestyle, environment, interaction, diet, communication and inner reflection are all important parts of moving forward.

We support the coming voluntary regulation of psychotherapy and counselling. Stuart is a CNHC registered hypnotherapist (voluntary regulation of hypnotherapy). 

Eastern Models are different from Western medical models in a range of ways including:

  • There is no individuality in social psychology. Thinking we are completely separate individuals is a neurosis
  • Empathy between practitioner and client is different. Rather than completely professionalised, the eastern practitioner  accepts that there is no separation between people, thus he or she partially "feels" the pain of the client.
  • The practitioner and client are equal. There is no power imbalance
  • Western pathology and diagnosis does not apply and is considered a negative influence
  • The "victim" or "sick" role is something the client should not be permitted to hang on to or accept.
  • There is no separation between psychology, theology, philosophy and therapy.
  • There is no cartesian (from Descartes) mind body split. Indeed the body is often crucial for treating the mind
  • Diagnosis, form filling, assessment and other reductionist methods (as often seen in NHS medical model) only serve to pathologise the client and encourage "victim" mentality. Written exercises should be focused on self knowledge and positive development.
  • Energy healing methods like Qi Gung and Reiki together with meditation are a natural part of therapy.
  • The client is encouraged to engage in lifestyle choices and changes to promote positive change and experiences. This is similar to a western life coaching model combined with eastern models of diet and nutrition. This views the client holistically as a whole and unique person, and not a "sick" person.

  • Buddhism and Zen have a different model of the subconscious to western models. There is a greater spiritual  and deeper element in the Zen model. The eastern model emphasises becoming one with the world and not self-actualisation or individualisation. In lay mans terms the eastern model suggests that people need to be one with others and cease conflict and separation, as opposed to western models that tend to focus on making the person more separate.  The eastern model is based on the belief that we are social animals and not hermits, therefore successful and happy living requires us to interact with others and the environment. It has similarities to western social psychology.

  • Many of these are combined where appropriate in Transpersonal psychology / transpersonal psychotherapy. This does not mean having to convert to or follow any perticular faith or belief. Indeed a strength of transpersonal therapy is to look at common themes in faith and non-faith societies.

Our practice is guided by a variety of areas which in the western traditions are considered separate, but in eastern or multi-faith traditions are all part of the same. In eastern philosophy there is no separation between psychology, philosophy, faith and therapy.  Thus our service contains a blend of a range of different traditions. We emphasize that "faith" is inner spirituality and reflection -  NOT religion. We are not in the practice of religious preaching or conversion!

Because we strongly believe in a wide range of influences, our training reflects this. Both partners have completed:

- Vocational therapy and coaching training externally accredited by QCA / SQA approved awarding bodies (including ASET  and City & Guilds).
- Academic training modules provided at different levels by UK Universities.
- Post graduate/qualification training in western model provision from British Medical Journal Learning.
- Practical hands on training in therapy provision.
- Faith and eastern theology based study in a multi-faith and philosophy context
- Additional independent training in therapy subjects to independently accredited standards

Although both therapists are well qualified, registered and accredited, both continue to complete Ongoing Professional Development training at undergraduate and post graduate level.

The title "solution-focused psychoanalyst / psychotherapist" refers to the individually customised approach mentioned above, which is often facilitated in a life coaching manner.

The title "holistic psychologist" refers to the practice of the range of influences in eastern and multi-faith philosophy which includes not only psychology, but also spirituality, philosophy, complementary health, lifestyle, communication, inner meditation, inner reflection and other related issues.

Please note that as well as extensive study and practice in eastern and multi-faith models of "psychology", both therapists have completed western training modules in psychology (western style) and are working towards additional UK University qualifications in this context. Both therapists are also completing modules on western social policy, philosophy and biology. Indeed many have already been completed.

The objective is to continue offering a holistic psychology model, while being better able to relate the eastern models to western models.

We adhere to Healing National Occupational Standards and carry full professional insurance. We remain registered with multiple professional bodies and adhere to strict codes of professional conduct and ethics. We have strict confidentiality procedures and are dedicated to environmentally friendly practice.

Stuart, the senior partner is a Senior Professor of Studies at the Interfaith Seminary of the Church of Seven Planes and has also written over 10 externally accredited practitioner training courses at levels 4 and 5. These are currently externally accredited by NCFE, a QCA approved awarding body, and are available through Stonebridge Associated Colleges.  Stuart is also an accredited NVQ trainer and assessor. He has a background in youth work, children's services, intensive service support care work (violent behaviour), lecturing and martial arts coaching. He employs spontaneous style Qi Gong, Chi breathing, Zen Reiki, meditation, visualisation and mindfulness techniques from Buddhism in his practice. He also employs Taoist philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, interfaith philosophy and japanese complementary holistic styles in assisting his clients.

Denise has a philosophy D.Phil from the Interfaith Seminary and has co-written modules of two externally accredited courses available from Stonebridge Associated Colleges. She has a background in childcare.  She employs complementary health, ayurvedic and pagan philosophies in her practice.

Both therapists are Reiki attuned in multiple styles of Reiki to Master Reiki Practitioner level.

Denise is a CCC registered counsellor, Stuart is a NCP and NACHP registered psychotherapist and counsellor.

We adhere to appropriate National Occupational Standards, carry professional insurance and support  regulation of therapists. We support the coming voluntary regulation of psychotherapy and counselling. Stuart is a CNHC registered hypnotherapist (voluntary regulation of hypnotherapy).

Below are some fun things for you to enjoy -  humour plays a large role in our philosophy of practice!

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