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Fears and phobias are not the same thing. Fear is actually a completely natural reaction to danger, which causes us to react. Usually this means having a "flight or fight" reaction.

A Phobia is where the fear kicks in at a time we really do not need it to. This is why it is often referred to as an "irrational" fear. Really it is fear out of place! Because of a perceptual error, your subconcious believes you are in danger when actually you are not. Sometimes there is some mild danger and this is "blown out of proportion" into panic, and sometimes there is no real danger at all!

This makes phobias really frustrating for sufferers, who feel "silly", "angry" or "stupid" because they know that their fear is not useful. Unfortunately this frustration worsens things by reducing their self confidence in coping, thus making them more vunerable to the phobia.

Each time a fear reaction occurs with a phobia, the subconcious tends to take this as a confirmation that it was right to be afraid, thus strengthening the phobia further. This is why phobias, if left untreated, tend to get more severe.

Coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for phobias

Phobias need a two pronged system:

1. Address any underlying cause like a traumatic event or pattern of events

2. (SIT) Stress Innoculation Training: this reduces the fear level and increases the person's ability to cope.

Typical methods of SIT are:

- Hypnotherapy

- NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming

- Visualisation

- Autogenics

- Self Hypnosis

- Self-Affirmations and Mantras

Normally the types of therapy and training chosen are picked according to the individual case and it's exact nature.

Common phobias include:

- Fear of spiders (Arachnaphobia)

- Fear of enclosed spaces (claustophobia)

- Fear of going outdoors

- Fear of groups and social settings

- Fear of different animals

- Fear of heights

- Fear of blood

- Fear of needles

The list however is virtually endless since it is possible to become phobis of absolutely anything.

Other fears

Sometimes there is a real fear or a fear with an element of truth. For example if someone is being harrassed or subjected to violence. When this occurs it is important to seek support and assistance to remove the threat. Then it is useful to have support to get over the fear and trauma of the threat.

In such cases life coaching and support can help you find the resources, support and responses you need to remove the threat, recover and get your life back on track.

Coaching, counselling psychotherapy and training

Stuart has written practitioner training courses in anger management coaching (ASET Level 4 award), stress management coaching (ASET level 4 award), life coaching (ASET Level 4 award), NLP (ASET Level 4 Award) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ASET Level 5 Award). 

It is important to ensure that the practitioner is experienced since phobias can become quite serious over time, and may result in the person being severely restricted in their quality of life.

In the first instance drop us an email or use the feedback form to contact us. We can then advise whether we feel we can appropriately assist you.

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From 2010 psychological therapy will also contain elements of mindfulness and CBT in order to increase client development between sessions.

Denise is a CCC registered counsellor, Stuart is a NCP and NACHP registered psychotherapist and  counsellor.

We adhere to appropriate National Occupational Standards, carry professional insurance and support  regulation of therapists. We support the coming voluntary regulation of psychotherapy and counselling. Stuart is a CNHC registered hypnotherapist (voluntary regulation of hypnotherapy).

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