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BoatWeight Management Edinburgh Glasgow Stirling

There are different types of weight related issue that may be assisted with life coaching and other therapies:

1. Loosing weight
2. Putting on weight
3. Controlling weight levels
4. Eating Disorders
5. Diet and Nutrition Programmes
6. Exercise programmes

Loosing Weight

The first: loosing weight, is perhaps the most common issue to be addressed. There are a number of factors that should be considered:

- You need to eat a healthy and appropriate diet in order to loose weight. We can provide nutritional advice and support in formulating an appropriate diet plan for healthy eating.

- You need to take whatever exercise you can in order to stimulate weight loss and remain healthy. Guidelines indicate a minimum of 5 x 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. Clearly more advanced programmes of exercise are an advantage.

- You need to address any emotional issues that may be causing comfort eating or inappropriate eating.

- Before any new diet and exercise plan you should have a medical check-up with a medical doctor to ensure that it is safe to do so.

Your chosen food plan should be sensible, healthy, maintainable and suitable. Fad dieting does not work, crash dieting leads to long term health gain and is not healthy. You will need to eat a sensible and controlled intake of food (calories), and often addressing portion size and the glycemic index of your food will assist in this.

It is important to be active, and you should not expect to loose weight without some appropriate activity and exercise plan.

If you have emotional eating problems, counselling methods, hypnotherapy and NLP are effective in assisting with these.


Some people are underweight, and this can be for a number of reasons. It is important again to check with your medical doctor and make sure that there is no medical condition that might be effecting your weight.

Generally underweight people are either in need of a special diet plan, hence needing nutritional advice, or are not caring for themselves adequately, and therefore need emotional related support and assistance.

Some people tend to have problems controlling their weight. This is often lifestyle related and life coaching and nutritional advice will usually help here. Please note however that rapid or sudden gains or losses in weight can be caused by medical conditions, and as a matter of course you should visit your medical doctor for a check-up.

Eating Disorders
There are a number of classifications of eating disorder. Although some nutritional advice can be useful in helping to choose foods that help the sufferer to recover or manage their condition better, most of the required support is emotional.

Generally eating disorders are caused by serious issues in the person's emotional state and can be related to abuse issues, developmental issues, control issues, other mental health issues and a range of similar factors. In such cases experienced support is needed from a therapist with a range of assistance options.

Both Stuart and Denise have a particular interest in eating disorder cases and have special training and experience in working with such cases.

Diet and Nutrition plans
Some clients have special needs in terms of diet and nutrition. These may be allergy, intolerance or health related, or be because of certain cultural choices. Nutritional advice and support can be helpful in ensuring that the choices that are made are healthy and appropriate.

Exercise Programmes

Exercise is an important part of well-being. Stuart is an experienced martial art and fitness coach, and can therefore assist you with your exercise programmes. This is either carried out with you directly for self management, or in relation to the coaches and instructors at a gym (using Allied Health Profession NOS National Occupational Standards for guidance).

Stuart and Denise have extensive qualifications in relation to the types of assistance listed above. See the therapies page for more information.

In the first instance drop us an email or use the feedback form to contact us. We can then advise whether we feel we can appropriately assist you.

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